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Maximizing Backup Power

By Tristarups

We want our clients to always have the power they need, 24/7.  We achieve this by involving backup power strategies and processes through power planning and predictive maintenance.  

We begin most new partnerships by initiating a power planning process.  Our trained technicians install a power analyzer for a week at our customer's location and monitor the power consumption during both peak and non-peak hours.  The analyzer produces data that helps the team at Tristar Power Solutions determine what the maximum power usage is so we can recommend to our clients the most effective backup power system.  We always keep the customer's future expansion in mind through our analysis.  

We often recommend downsizing the UPS, as many organizations have larger units that consume more power to operate and take lots of cooling.  

Downsizing helps our clients increase the UPS efficiency and optimize capacity to reduce energy consumption bills, save on battery replacements, and reduce carbon footprints. 

On an ongoing basis, we incorporate predictive maintenance for our clients.  This support takes place every six months, and we evaluate the battery condition of our client's UPS system.  This evaluation showcases the battery's health condition.  When   you evaluate every six months, we can moniter functionality and alert our customers if a battery replacement is needed.  This also allows us to ensure your organization has the UPS and batteries necessary, should an outage occur.  

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