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Tristar Power Solutions Announces Solar Power Endeavor with the Company’s First Large Scale Solar Farm

By Tristarups

On October 10, 2016 Tristar Power Solutions announced that in addition to the services they currently provide, they will also begin offering solar power solutions. Starting in Minnesota, the company will develop a large-scale solar farm - Tristar Power Solutions is the first in the critical backup power industry to venture into the solar industry.

The new one-megawatt solar farm will support approximately up to 200,000 homes through its 10-acre plot and 3,600 solar panels. The solar farm will be in southern Minnesota and will be the first of many coming from Tristar Power Solutions with a trajectory of three solar farms within the next ten years.

“The solar farm, in its 30 years of expected life, is the equivalent environmental benefit to removing 4.4 million cars for a year,” said President and Founder of Tristar Power Solutions, Ameer Shah. “Since our founding, we have been focused on providing companies with critical backup power solutions through generators, UPS systems, batteries and more – and in the near future we’ll also begin offering solar power to Minnesota to help the state become more focused on sustainable energy solutions.”

As the first company within the critical backup power industry, Tristar Power Solutions is entering this endeavor with the help of their partner, SWELECT Energy Systems Limited -- a leader in power electronics and renewable energy. Since their founding, they have installed more than 1,700 solar farms and they will advise Tristar Power Solutions through their solar farm journey.

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