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Paralleling Controls for Emergency Transfer (Xfer) and Load Management control of multiple engine generator sets with one utility source. The system that ensures the following:

    Automatic transfer to emergency upon utility failure

    Automatic start, synchronize, parallel, and load share on a common bus for emergency operation

    Closed transition transfer back to utility upon stable return of power, with soft generator unloading

    Closed transition Load Management Mode with soft loading and unloading of generator system

    Closed transition transfer to Emergency Mode to facilitate maintenance, or for storm threat avoidance with soft loading and unloading of generator system

    Load shed/load add

    Generator demand priority

    Cost-effective, technically superior alternative to conventional ATS arrangement Switchgear brings the power and reliability to your generator switchgear application.

The above Paralleling Switch Gear system should be maintained periodically by qualified technicians to ensure proper operation of the system. Tristar offers a switchgear analysis that will include cleaning, inspecting and testing of the critical power switchgear system. Our Maintenance Include:


    Visually inspect switchgear for damage

    Test keyed interlock systems for proper function

    Verify breakers trip and reset, clean and lubricate

    Tighten bus bar connections and/or verify connections with a millivolt drop test (where permitted)

    Inspect for proper grounding


    Test all lights and fuses

    Verify all meters and displays are functional

    Verify all interface panels are functional

    Check all pre-alarms and shut down functions

    Verify and set generator voltage and frequency

    Electrically operate breakers

    Test PLC battery

    Verify operation of protective relays


Run complete system test in Auto and Manual Mode and verify proper operation of:

    Load add/shed sequence

    Automatic synchronizer and synchronized circuits

    Load sharing controls

    Governor control

    Automatic PLC systems

    Automatic generator loading control

    Import/export controller

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