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About Us

Tristar Power Systems is headquartered near Minneapolis, Minnesota, and brings 22 years’ experience in critical power maintenance and services to its customers. With an enviable track record, we have achieved success and established ourselves as a market leader for a wide range of critical power solutions. Our focused approach delivers reliable products, customized solutions, a stringent scope of services, and unparalleled commitment to our customers.

Many companies, including Fortune 500 and OEM’s, have evaluated our company and determined that we have strong technical background, capabilities, nationwide support, and are price competitive. These companies have been very loyal to us in giving us repeat business, and they have put their faith in us to support their critical power systems. Since we ensure and deliver the same level of service and commitment to all our customers, we have grown as a nationwide organization.

We provide total power solutions on all the leading brands UPS systems, inverters, DC plants, static switches, PDUs, batteries, and generators nationwide for a broad spectrum of industries.

We carry a huge inventory of spare parts and batteries to respond to service emergencies 24/7/365, as you would expect. We offer 24/7/365 nationwide emergency service coverage on almost all brands of UPS systems, PDUs, DC plants, static switches, and battery systems

About Tristar Power Solutions

Tristar Power Systems focuses on four key areas:

    Design & supply

    Installation & startup

    Preventive maintenance & emergency services

    Certification & compliance

Our Customers

Our customers include :


    Manufacturing Industries.

    Retail Chains.

    IT integrators.

    Telecom Industry.

    Data Centers.


    Solar Panel Integrators.

    Wind Energy Integrators.


    Mission-Critical Buildings.

    IT integrators.


    Manufacturing Industries.

    Retail Chains.

    IT integrators.

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