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UPS Load Testing

Depending on the criticality of your installation, when Tristar deemed it necessary, or before attempting to increase loads on existing UPS systems, we recommend that our customers perform a load test on UPS.

However, there are many other factors to consider before conducting a load bank test: the size of the load bank, heat generated that may set off high-temperature alarms, and the lengths of cables. At TPS, we perform a site survey prior to conducting a load bank test to ensure that the expected load test and testing time are feasible. Tristar carries portable load banks and cables to conduct this test.

At Tristar, we test the UPS system for steady-state load, transient response, module fault test, and battery rundown. For systems with multiple modules, we also perform a module fault test and restoration.

During a steady-state test, we measure and record all input and output conditions, such as input voltage, output voltage, input current, output current, output frequency, input current balance, and output voltage regulation, at 0%, 25%, 50%, and 100% loads.

The transient response test simulates the performance of a UPS with large instantaneous step increases in load.

We conduct load testing using the following power increments:

    0% - 50% - 0%;

    25% - 75% - 25%;

    50% - 100% -50%.

If the test does not meet the appropriate criteria or specifications, we help our customers by identifying the possible problems. Once approved by the customer, we make the required adjustments and complete the necessary repairs, providing a complete inspection and written report at the conclusion of the process.


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