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Static Switch Maintenance

Tristar offers preventative maintenance plans to identify and correct potential problems before a crisis occurs for all legacy and new static switches that supply your critical loads.

As static switches must sense and transfer to an alternate source in less than 4ms in order to provide uninterrupted power to your critical loads, it is very important that these static switches are checked periodically to ensure their proper operation.

During preventive maintenance, our field service engineers perform a complete check on the control boards, SCRs, cooling fans, circuit breakers and other assemblies, using a fluke oscilloscope, fluke clamp meter, fluke RMS meter, and infrared camera (optional service), or an infrared gun, to identify any hot spots or overheating caused by a load imbalance or loose connections. Additionally, our field service engineers also check the ground currents, neutral currents, and harmonic voltage and current to confirm that all these currents are within the limits set by the manufacturers.

Tristar field service engineers will also compare readings displayed on the display monitor of PDU with their own calibrated meters to ensure proper calibration of the display monitor.

The preventive maintenance results are recorded, reviewed and reported to our customers for further action.

UPS Static Switch Maintenance

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