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Installation & Startup

Our full installation and startup services have the highest standards, meeting local electrical codes on UPS systems, PDUs, Static Switches, ATS, and diesel generators. We will take care of all your critical power installation requirements from initial design all the way through to final electrical testing and startup.

All our work is performed by experienced, qualified electrical contractors and engineers in full compliance with statutory regulations. Our goal is to provide this professional service at a cost-effective price, regardless of project size.

Occasionally, customers choose to carry out their own electrical work. In such circumstances, we supply a complete installation documentation to assist in this process and ensure a smooth installation.

TPS qualified and experienced engineers will review the electrical installation, perform ground checks, check connections, phase rotations, verify operation of bypass arrangements, verify applicable parallel operation, verify unit operation on battery mode, and perform startup as per manufacturer recommendations. We also conduct onsite training to local personnel about the operation of the critical power installation. Tristar Power Systems Field Service Engineers will also connect any remote monitoring systems to the units for customer monitoring.

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