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Generator Load Test

Standby generators can remain unused for long periods of time, awaiting a power cut before smoothly intercepting it. Even a regular no-load test leaves the standby generator prone to faults incurred through underuse or neglect.

These diesel standby generators that run rarely and or lightly loaded can build up fuel deposits in parts of the engine over time, which may leave your standby generator with reduced output capacity when it is needed.

A load test in this situation will ensure that your standby generator will support your load when the occasion arises. Annual load testing is imperative to confirm your generator is capable of handling the demanded load when necessary, and some insurance companies demand it as part of their policies.

At Tristar, we dispatch a portable load bank to the site, allowing the generator to be load-tested safely in controlled conditions, at a time that suits your business. We test the generator over a range of loads, monitoring and gathering data constantly for two to four hours, depending on your requirements.

The load test results are recorded, reviewed and reported to our customers for further action.

Generator Load Testing from Tristar Power Systems

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