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Design & Supply

More and more frequently, organizations are stretching the limits of their power systems, even systems that were engineered and deployed fairly recently.

The unpredictable rate of change in IT technologies has brought power demands that can quickly exceed established barriers in a legacy distribution system, including amperage, ratings of UPSs, battery runtime, redundancy, and more. The cost of upgrading or replacing the power architecture can be exorbitant. These costs could have been minimized or avoided if the power-planning process had been more comprehensive from the start.

Tristar Power Systems can manage complete turnkey projects from design, project management, and supply of critical power systems such as UPSs, batteries, PDUs, static switches, generators, ATS, or a specific portion of an overall project such as design, project management, or electrical. Since we are not tied to one manufacturer, we offer the best possible solution to meeting our customer needs.

We also offer no-obligation site surveys and provide customers with a detailed report of our recommendations with a competitive power solution.

Battery Storage Design and Battery Supply

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