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Battery Recycling

According to Battery Council International, more than 97% of all battery lead is recycled. Compared to 55% of aluminum soft drink and beer cans, 45% of newspapers, 26% of glass bottles and 26% of tires, lead-acid batteries top the list of the most highly recycled consumer product.

Typically, a new lead-acid battery contains 60 to 80% recycled lead and plastic. When a used battery is picked up, it is sent to a permitted recycler where, under strict environmental regulations, the lead and plastic are reclaimed and sent to a new battery manufacturer. The recycling cycle goes on indefinitely. That means the lead and plastic in the lead-acid battery have been -- and will continue to be -- recycled many, many times.

As part of our program, we offer environmental indemnification from our recycler for all battery cores recycled through Tristar Power Systems. We are confident that we can help make it easier, reduce some significant regulatory risks, and make it cost-effective, if not profitable, for you to safely recycle your lead-acid battery waste stream.

Unlike other battery installers or suppliers, we do not charge our customers for the old batteries removed from your existing power system. Whether a customer buys batteries from us or not, we will recycle old batteries for them; we even offer $$$ for old batteries. We have alliances with approved battery disposal locations spread thought the length and breadth of the country so it is easy for our customers to get the old batteries away from their sites. When battery quantities are less than a pallet load, we provide our customers the address of our closest location for them to drop off old batteries; when batteries are on a pallet, we will send a truck to pick them up.

    Palletizing tips: Batteries should be palletized no more than three tiers high, with cardboard between the layers. Batteries should also be shrink-wrapped on the pallets to keep them from toppling over.

UPS Battery Recycling

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