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Powervar UPS Systems & Kohler Generators

We are excited to share that Tristar Power Solutions is a certified partner of Powervar and Kohler.  

Industry Feature: Data Centers

Ponemon Institute and Vertiv recently published the latest Cost of Data Center Outages study.  Previously published in 2010 and 2013, the purpose of this third study is to continue to analyze the cost behavior of unplanned data center outages.

Maximizing Backup Power

We want our clients to always have the power they need, 24/7.  We achieve this by involving backup power strategies and processes through power planning and predictive maintenance.  

How to Save Money with Comprehensive Maintenance and Battery Replacements

Comprehensive maintenance model plans are where customers can choose an investment model that makes budgeting for annual maintenance and services related to your company's backup power solution easier.  Many of our clients value this comprehensive maintenance model becuase they can choose the option that works best for them and it often saves them money.

What About Large Businesses 

It is critical that large companies invest in uninterrupted power supply and backup power solutions for optimum functionality. Tristar partners with many organizations throughout the United States to provide them with necessary and dependable power and service. We do this through UPS systems, generators, DC Plants, static switches and PDUs. These large companies give us the opportunity to keep their power source running smoothly so they can focus on their operations. Reputable Fortune 500 companies and OEMs such as Nike, Microsoft, US Bank, Southwest Airlines, Liebert, Jostens, Sprint, AT&T, Comcast, Cypress, General Electric and more have analyzed Tristar Power Solutions and stated that we have what it takes to ensure uninterrupted power all year long. This is made possible due to our strong and technical background, capabilities, competitive pricing, years of experience and the nationwide support we provide.  

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